Top Ten Atari 5200 Games

Centipede (1980) was created by Atari. In this game you are a magic wizard with a magical wand shooting an oncoming centipede. This is a vertically oriented arcade classic. Spiders try to reach you thru a forest of mushrooms. The centipede hides behind these mushrooms. You must destroy the cover to get to the centipede. The mushrooms change from regular into psychedelic colors. It is a very challenging game. It can be played with the giant 1980’s arcade trackball accessory on the Atari 5200.
Pacman (1980) was created by Namco. It was originally released in Japan. Pac-man goes without saying is one of the most classic games of any system. It originally came out on the Atari 2600. Pac-man involves a blue maze where you chase around four different ghosts. As pac-man progresses through the game he eats pellets and gets power pellets to fend off the menacing ghosts. Throughout the game a siren sounds to alert you of the threat of the ghosts attacking you. Each level has a specific fruit that gives you points. Eating ghosts after eating a power pellet causes you to earn points while eating a blue ghost. The more points you get the more lives you will get, so you can continue playing. Pac-man gets more difficult as you progress. The blue maze stays the same but the speed of the ghosts increases. Overall a fun game, but very difficult once the speed level increases.

Ms. Pacman (1981) was created by Bally, Midway, and General Computer Corporation. This is a feminized version of the original. It is more colorful with an array of mazes and brightly colored scenes. In this version the fruits bounce with noticeable sounds. Ms. Pac-man features two exits, whereas the original only allows you one exit for protection. Overall it starts slower than Pac-man put also becomes increasingly difficult the more advanced you get, also features spooky sounds.

Qix (1981) was developed by Taito. In this game you are a diamond shaped marker that creates lines called stix. These lines enclose the electronic flying shape. You enclose them within a small area and win. Blue lines are created faster and orange lines are created slower. You have to watch for the electrical bug-like enemies that come at you. This game is a smart game. It allows for strategy, planning, and is a lot of fun.

Dig Dug (1982) was developed by Namco for the arcade. In this Sci-fi classic you are an astronaut on another planet. You must go underground and blow up alien creatures and dragons. The enemies tunnel through caverns. You seek them out and blow them up or topple rocks that fall and crush them.

Pengo (1982) was developed by Coreland.. It was released on the Atari 5200 in 1983. In this game you battle crazy ball like bees that are born in ice cubes. Your job is to kill them by breaking the ice cubes they are being born in. The other strategy is to push ice cubes at them to crush them. The other option is to vibrate the walls, so that the bees become goo and then you can destroy them easily. Also to score a ton of points you connect three blocks for extra points. As you progress the bees move faster and change colors. Overall it’s a simple and fun strategy game that you can play for hours on end.

Q-bert (1982) was created by Gottlieb. Q-bert involves an orange little ant-eater creature. His job is to bounce on cubes and change the color of the cubes on the pyramid maze. He encounters snakes, bouncing balls, and weird little critters. Two levitating discs with bright psychedelic colors carry him safely out of harm’s way. More advanced levels involve bouncing on cubes 2 times or bouncing on and off a cube to switch colors, back and forth.

Junior Pac-Man (1983) was created by Bally and Mid-way. Junior Pac-Man involves a gigantic scrolling maze that moves as you move. During this game if you wait too long to eat your power pellets the regular pellets explode and destroy the power pellets. This game features the same style of bouncing fruit as Ms. Pac-man. Junior Pac-Man is pac-man junior with a small red propeller beanie that spins as you move. It is certainly a challenging game.

Mr. Do!’s Castle (1983) was developed by Universal. The object is to hit the little blocks and make the little goblins fall through the spaces. If you hit specially marked blocks an entire row falls down and you kill many goblins. This is an all strategy and fun game.

Super Breakout (1983) was developed by Atari originally. It came out originally as Breakout in 1976. The original prototype was actually created by Steve Wozniak co-founder of Apple Computer. Super Breakout is an enhanced version of Breakout. It involves colorful tiles that are hit by a bouncing ball and a horizontal platform. This is a challenging game. It is a distant cousin to Pong. To play this game one needs a good controller and a lot of patience. This game requires total concentration.